Katie R. White

(940) 273-3521

Katie was born and raised in Racine, WI. Moving to Texas in 2013 was a big change for her, but one she has adapted to well.

She has been an influential part of STARS Massage Clinic, our family business, since its beginning in 2014. She helped setup the initial office, maintains the files and bookkeeping as well as reception duties. Recently, Katie has taken on additional, part time duties offering chair massages, foot detoxification, and saunas for the clients here at STARS Massage. 

Katie earned her CNA Certification while still in high school. She is currently working as a CNA, as an in-home health care provider. She enjoys the many clients she has worked with. 

As an undergrad student pursuing an accounting degree, Katie is currently attending TWU (Texas Womans University), where she is earning a 3.7 GPA, in good standing with all her professors. Her goal is to help others learn financial literacy and to work with businesses to improve their budgets and find tax breaks to allow their work to stay afloat.