Verna K. White

Verna is the core of STARS Massage Clinic, our family business since its beginning in 2014. 

Upon arriving in Texas in 2013, She was able to redesign her former massage business, White Spring's Massage. In addition to offering one hour and 90-minute massages, she has expanded her services to include reflexology, foot detoxification, and the incorporation of infrared saunas for the clients here at STARS Massage. 

Verna earned her Massage Therapy Certification at Lake Side School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, WI in 2005. Holding her State of Wisconsin Massage Therapy License until moving to Texas in 2013, when she earned her State of Texas Massage Therapy License.

During her 19 years in the massage therapy industry, she has personally worked with several thousand individuals in helping them to reduce pain and find relaxation in their own bodies. She has developed her own unique style of neck massage that has helped many people to reduce migraine pain, neck and shoulder strain. She enjoys the many clients she has worked with that have become like family. 

One of her most favorite activities during her 19-year massage career was the 10 years she served as the Massage Coordinator for the Spirit of Racine Triathlon and then the Racine Ironman Triathlon. Working with the hundreds of athletes of all shapes, sizes and ages over the three-day weekend events. Grueling, but rewarding.

Verna's approach and philosophy to massage therapy is "all massages should be relaxing and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not in more pain."